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That Little Hardback


Below are sample thoughts from the book




e 30 f

I did not learn how to curtsy or kneel or bow,

nor to need anyone to do these for me.



e 164 f

Happiness is fattening.

- Cosette Tessier



e 198 f

She is truth, and science is

attracted when she teases.



e 247 f

If we have learned to fear

and hate, the war has won us.



e 356 f

Once beliefs are agreed upon,

they become creeds.



e 46 f

Control over one's own life, we call freedom.

Control over other's lives, we call power.


They, freedom and power, can be in conflict.


Power to control others may come by many

different levels of influence or force.


When the power comes by lies or secrecy, such that

the follower does not know why he follows, or when

it comes by threat of loss or pain, such that the

follower follows out of fear, or when physical force

is used, such that the follower has no choice, then

only the power remains, and freedom is gone.


When the control is by way of respected influence,

wherein the other person follows by choice, having

been inspired by logical and honest data or by

example, then freedom is preserved.



e 647 f

The Substantial, Unselfish, and

Continuing desire for someone

else to be happy, is love.



e 416 f

Physics is quite simple, once it is understood, but

physics is never understood. I am a physicist all my

life, and I can promise you, we do not understand.



e 783 f

The greatest force for war
is to love some of the people.



e 286 f

If we divide the Earth into even parts
for all of us, each of the six billion
of us will have approximately one trillion
tons of it. At just one dollar per ton,
it would take 1000 billionaires
just to buy your portion.


e 59 f

Once free-path discoveries
have been made, that is soon
enough to subject them to
the logical process.



e 471 f

Secrecy is the greatest danger in our world. It has us

making decisions with the data purposely withheld from us.



e 540 f

A billion light years far from here,
A star dimmed and transformed.
And a message came not very clear,
On our screens with lines and dots adorned.
A kinship's born with beings eons gone,
By way of data from a computer's run.
There's a poignant friendship coming on.
We think they called their star the Sun.



e 561 f

The word "honest"
comes from "honor,"
not from "truth."



e 363 f

We all know that Grandpa says what he

thinks. It's on his face, too. When we

get him to play poker, we get his money.



e 654 f

Our fear of the unknown is
so painful that we form or join
complex and inane pretense systems
to avoid thinking about it. Other pains
are handled as well with morphine.


e 1 f

If we spend our lives silent or lying about

what we believe, then at the end, there will

be too little time left to tell our truths.



e 10 f

Whether we know the truth or not, she will deal with us.



e 13 f

Faith is the engine we cannot drive without.

Doubts are the brakes some do drive without.



e 20 f

Rover's discoveries show that Mars

once had water. There will come a time when

Earth also will have once had water.



e 23 f

If someone does not care about the math,

the logic is not worth considering.



e 27 f

Evolution does not play the lottery.

Evolution runs the lottery. It pays

a winning mutation now and then,

among millions of losers.



e 48 f

Do I fear truth? Likely I do, with all the

secrets I keep and all the things I resist to know.



e 55 f

Two Step diet:

One: After each bite, decide if reasonably comfortable.

Two: If the answer is "Yes," that’s the last bite.



e 58 f

Sometimes we get so excited about

making money that we forget our goals.



e 374 f

Fairness is just a human invention.

Our attraction to it differs from the rest of nature.



e 381 f

Will we hear also the controverting

speaker and be stimulated to think, or

will we rather just be indoctrinated?



e 405 f

Nobody wants to buy your home. They want to

buy only your house. They will bring their own

home along with them. The same principle

applies when we put our religion on the market.



e 421 f

Should a dragonfly declare that all the universe is

a service to him, and that God made him in God's

image and as God's purpose, he would be no more

arrogant than humans who make the same claims.



e 382 f

You are not a member of an organization which

keeps secrets from you. You are only a subject.



e 392 f

Who does God worship? Nobody.

Follow this example.

Who does God love? Everybody.

Follow this example also.



e 418 f

If we are to avoid contention, then how

will we contend for the good and true?



e 438 f

A huge blow may appear to end a war, but

in time, it will be found that another

stage has been set by this very blow.



e 548 f

The heart's speed and rhythm are not the

source of feelings, but the subject of them.



e 528 f

Generalizations born of one person's experience are

based on far too little data to be of dependable value.



e 523 f

How can two, each of whom accepts the

other's eternal misery, work peace?


That Little Hardback

(Fifty Years of Free Thought from an Old Physicist)

Chuck Borough

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